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BEAT BLOCKS. was created from the main passions of Director Rowan James: performance and disability equality. BEAT BLOCKS. is an audience platform that transmits audio to the audience through tactile bass vibrations, harnessing the universal sense of touch.


By employing the emerging technology of tactile-bass, audiences access a richer and more sophisticated experience with BEAT BLOCKS. Compatible with any audio source, including live performance, film or music, the result is a unique live event experience, that provides all audience members with a truly immersive sensory experience.

We provide an experience unlike any other allowing for music and audio to be felt by diverse audiences creating collective experiences. BEAT BLOCKS. creates an exhilarating accessible performance space that will captivate people's sense of touch and enable an entirely new form of artistic expression: the haptic DJ. 

As a team we believe that inclusion is fundamental to immersion, and BEAT BLOCKS. allows the widest range of people to experience live performances in a meaningful, exciting and inclusive way.


BEAT BLOCKS. champions inclusivity, bringing people together via a wholly immersive sensory experience.

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B E A T  B L O C K S. 

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